• You toss and turn
    And sweat and burn
    And cling to satin sheets
    You murmur and you groan
    You whimper and you moan
    Heart pounding harder with each beat
    He comes to you
    He lies with you
    He holds you with his eyes
    He cuddles you
    And caresses you
    You're believing all his lies
    Your lips part
    What a simple heart
    You've fallen for his charms
    Your bosom heaves
    He'll never leave
    Forever in his arms
    He drinks your soul
    His immortal goal
    Who is this sinning saint?
    This incubus
    This blue eyed guest
    Who makes you want to faint
    Your black night
    You love his bite
    It fills your soul with steam
    You're dying now
    You're smiling now
    Victim of the Fevre Dream