• One lyes in pure darkness only to think of ones death.
    One wonders through pure silence once can only hear ones sins.
    Through ones anger only bring pain and rip apart ones feelings it lovers.
    One who fell into darkness cant find light only one can feel the warmth of ones lover.
    One who is in darkness one replays their own death.
    One who wonder limbo finds nothing but sorrow.
    One who wonders the Nine Hells only find more sins.
    One who wonder purity only finds hatred and grief.

    Through the depths of limbo and even the coldest depths
    of the Nine hell's ice encases a damaged soul.
    One dead from one's worthlessness.
    Banished to all exile to become one worthless pathetic piece of meat.
    Banish to show one's emotion to the gleam of the one's eye in all heath of limbo.
    Banished to dead and damnation to see the one's death over again.
    Banish to wait for the one's companion even if the companion is
    light and granted entrance warmth.

    Through the end where one's faith lyes is the final judge.
    The mercy finds no brace. the fulfillment of the punish only lyes eternal.
    One only can hope to be release of the sorrows of mortality but waste
    no time to add links to one's chain.
    Why one should give the mercy of the heart to one who is heart worthless.
    Why one should even bare the heart even an blacken one.
    One's is only set free to the Judgment of the Final Judge.

    Through the flames of the upper hell to the blinding holy light from the gates of pearl.
    One receive damnation from one humanity,
    One receive redemption from repenting there sins as a coward.
    One should face death or coward in hell with their head facing away from reality of mortals. Theres one way to be free.
    To die honorably facing the reaper and embrace his ferry across Styx to the Court of Final Judgment.

    One must lust for mortal things, One must have greed.
    All die sinners and be banish to serve hades.
    All sinner must suffer there crime in the gates of Fiery Ice.
    One must travel through the frozen lake of Hell and Must survive the Bearer of Light, Lucifer. One must beg for their sins to be forgiving not pray for it.
    One must be able to stare in Deaths Eyes as the blade takes everything away from you.
    Ride along The Four as a bodiless soul chained down by mortal sin.