• Dark Light

    The darkening of my heart
    Is the flowering of my soul.
    A blossoming rose of shining hope,
    A glowing to help me cope
    With the darkness in my eyes.
    Eyes of light blue
    That look of a beginning new,
    But only to you who
    Could not tell that my
    Tale of sorrow led to the tainting of my
    Crystal eyes that cried when the sun did not
    Shine nor rise so the heavens grieve with me
    For the loses and blows I take by wind.
    A chill of cool fate whips me with an icy scar
    That will last forever.
    Marking my body with the figure
    Of death
    That haunts us all in reality
    And dream or our nightmares.
    That scare gentle children
    As they sing their merry tunes
    Of the God that sends angels to
    Guide them through the fog,
    Then through the mist,
    And last through the darkness that blinds their
    Way to safety on the path of gold
    And silver streams the seem to tell
    Of a world of misery
    Called Hell.
    Where dreams are bound
    With flaming rings.
    That dance as they snicker at you.
    Gossip, envy, and anger growing in thorns
    To burn you as you tear out blood
    For your sins.
    A light comes to fly you away to a better place
    Of love, happiness, and laughter growing in flowers.
    To us light is good.
    To the living light is a gift.
    To the dead the light is a tunnel that signals
    Death to us part from kin and brethren
    That may bind us to this place we call home.
    This is why the light is dark and
    The dark is light.