• Once upon a time
    Through a door just down the hall
    In a dark, forgotten corner
    Of the playroom was a doll.

    She was only made of cloth,
    A rather simple work of art,
    But you could see where someone
    Had embroidered her a heart.

    It had faded from neglect
    And being lonely through the years,
    And she couldn't even cry
    Because she hadn't any tears.

    But then one day as she lay cold
    And silent on the floor,
    A teddy bear was tossed in
    Through the squeaky playroom door.

    As she watched him, he got to his feet
    And slowly walked her way;
    And her little red embroidered heart
    Came to life that day.

    He gently picked her up,
    And as he held her in his arms,
    He noticed a faint heartbeat
    And certain rag doll charms.

    So he took some thread and stitched
    A pretty twinkle in her eye
    And fixed her sewed-on smile
    Which had long-since gone awry.

    He brushed away the dust
    And cobwebs from her dress
    Then taught her about love
    In his fuzzy warm caress.

    Those two have stayed together
    Since that day so long ago;
    And when he looks at her today,
    He would hardly even know

    That his happy little rag doll,
    So content and satisfied,
    Was the same one he had found
    Cast so carelessly aside.