• As i walk down the street
    I'm tryin to think
    But i cant breathe
    The thought of you
    Its killing me
    Deep inside i know
    I have to let you go
    I have my head between my knees
    But i really cant believe
    That you actually did this to me
    Theres alot of chances ive taken
    Sometimes you should think
    Cause its my heart youre breakin
    Im tryin to hold on
    Cause there's no where left to run
    Think about the choices your makin
    All the tears you think I'm fakin
    Im gunna climb that mountain
    And never look down
    Sometimes I run away
    From the ones I love
    I wish I could stay
    But it hurts so much
    To watch you fade
    And I heard you cry
    You wanted to talk
    But you're the one who lied
    And I found out
    You're just the one
    The one who tried
    I knew the signs
    But I denied
    I wanted you
    And only you
    Then I crashed
    I heard you laugh
    You never cared
    You never would
    You faked it
    What a jerk!
    It hurts to know
    That the one I loved the most
    Is tearing us apart
    He never wanted me
    He played with my feelings
    Like I was his enemy
    And now I know
    That this was all my fault...