• Look into the face of insanity
    The face of someone is going to kill
    Or the face of someone that needs help

    Lie on your bed and be completely trapped
    In a world, where nothing makes sense
    But makes perfect when thinking about
    In a locked room by yourself and nobody to talk

    Tell me what you think of this hellhole?

    Look into a troubled face
    See what they have to suffer from?
    Not knowing, weather they’re going to
    Live today or die the next day.

    You can walk around.
    But when you look into a troubled face
    You feel terrible because, you feel like your
    More important then they are
    Because you can live a year, or longer.

    Tell me what you think of this world?

    Can’t bare to look at anything else but into
    The face of death itself
    Hard breathing down your neck every night
    In your dreams, haunting.

    Every corner that you turn, your nightmare
    Begins again and again
    Everybody that you see is death in one way
    Or another.

    Tell me what you think of life?

    Tell me.
    Come up to me
    And tell me.