• its strange, he changed, now im lost.
    he replaced me with another, and now i have no idea what to do.
    i waited for him, the only thing that kept me going.
    when i found him, he betrayed me.
    now i have no where to go, i have no soul, no heart, i might as well be a statue the world wears away at, until it is nothing more.
    my heart bleeds onto the ground, my tears fall, but it all is on the inside.
    i smile, and i say hello, i say that word but in the truth i mean good bye.
    he betrayed me, or that is what i thought, now i wonder did i betray myself? selling my heart, i gave it away, now i stand here, alone. lost in that past of indifference.
    i should of known, i should have seen, behind his smile it was no more than a screen.
    We laughed, we smiled, but the blood that ran from my heart, was my happiness.
    i laughed and i cryed, that is what is all about isnt is....i waited and i found, i was happy and excited, i should of known i should of seen, that this was no more than a dream.
    And now i stand here all alone, love is my sin, it burns through my skin. until i am no more.....
    good bye, i hope you are happy, i truely so, now i smile and say good bye, but behind the smile behind the mask, tear fall down my face. only two i can say now as i walk away
    "good bye...."