• No matter what has happened to me,
    I will be alive.
    No matter what gives you misery,
    keep your sadness out-inside.
    So are you tired of this life,
    Are you tired of everydays lifetime,
    I've heard enough-your coming with me for I cannot bear another second to hear you cry.

    Let's travel to the Boiling Springs River,
    I let myself break up there,
    I know you care,
    Inside you feel the same as me-as we're like a perfect pair.

    Everything is good here,
    So don't go to let it be ruined,
    I am something you shouldn't fear,
    What are you doing?!
    I brought you here so you wouldn't cry a single tear!...

    huh, you are crying because...you can't believe your finally with me now?...*Sniff*
    Oh, don't worry about me I'm just feeling a whole lot put down.
    I only cry because I wonder- where would we be if we never found each other that day?

    I told you I don't know why,
    But for whatever reason I'll wait,
    Your my life,
    The reason I always try,
    The only one who can make me really cry,
    I can't lie,
    I shouldn't do this but I only would give you everything I have out-inside.

    Can you feel me, out-inside?