• This may be hard to take
    Fragile hearts are easy to break
    You told me yes, but you meant no
    And here we are, with nowhere to go

    We’ll watch this one last sunset
    I hope you never forget
    I love you with all my heart
    But I see the truth, we must be apart

    Because you told me to forget my life
    I would never dare, not after all that strife
    You hated my friends, you tried to push them away from me
    But I would never let them go, I’d never let that be

    You tried to change me and that’s when I fought back
    If you loved ME you wouldn’t think I lack
    So here we are, watching the night fall
    I hope you don’t forget this at all

    This ends here, I’m taking back my life!
    “It’s over…” and he walked away…