• When i sit here and think of how long i ve known you
    I always remeber you smiling or laughing
    You were always so tough
    And Never showed your tears to anyone
    Only your reflection in the mirror knew that part of you
    You were always there by our sides
    Even through the toughest of times.

    We all were shocked to hear
    That you of all people had cancer
    But you never paniced
    You asked them what there was to do
    They all gave you four months to live
    But you showed them all they were wrong

    But your body got weak
    And you couldnt go on
    You finally gave up the fight
    But even when it was towards the end
    You kept the fight up for as long as you could
    You died that night
    Leaving alot of hearts empty and broken

    At least now your in no more pain