• Of the hundred thousand flowers,
    the greatest is the rose.

    Protected by a crown of thorns,
    its beauty to behold.

    It has so many colors,
    each a story to be told.

    For a hour or forever,
    it meaning to unfold.

    In white it stands for purity
    and youth that knows no ill.

    Yellow speaks of friendship
    and admiration still.

    Pink is for young love
    just beginning to begin.

    While orange is determination,
    refusing not to win.

    Red is full of passion,
    deep eternal love.

    While peach is simply gratitude
    for the gifts from up above.

    There are colors still
    that exist in myth alone.

    Blue for the impossible,
    and black to death atone.

    In each of its great colors is
    a message for us all.

    Its but a moment that we have here
    on this celestial ball.