• I log into my account and what is the first thing that I see?
    Some community spotlight, an announcement just for me!
    Full of unoriginal, cliche movies and garbage targeting teens
    the mindless bile can't stifle my imminent screams

    A plethora of quirky little bullshit games aren't worth the trip
    the endless, smothering, prostitute ads make me want to flip
    And bring a gun to Wal-Mart, to fill them full of lead
    dealing with this thoughtless drivel, I think I'd rather be dead

    Nothing but a whoring game is the only thing you see
    these pitiful piles of virtual gold mean nothing at all to me
    just a simple ******** up popularity contest
    Blissfully ignorant distraction at its best

    And you think your arena entries matter
    they really god damn don't, you know?
    The gaians seek only to flatter
    never wanting to help budding artists grow

    And is it the artistic value of a piece to be weighed?
    Why no! it is simply a petty game full of mush
    all the toil to create an intellectual masterpiece is payed
    only to be pushed aside by a shallow love job rush

    Hoping to obtain acceptance from their peers
    But is there truly one to blame?
    They are playing on their own fears
    grasping for some semblance of worthless fame

    To be a member of a group
    coalesce as one blind mob
    the lynching begins to loop
    and the pulse slows its throb

    Your integrity is being strangled
    asphyxiation of the mind
    free thoughts are all but mangled
    no better sheep you'll ever find