• Son.
    Shut up.
    Don't you move.
    Don't you dare argue.
    Don't talk back to me.
    I'm right, and you are wrong.
    Don't deny it you stupid little punk
    You idiot ********, you retarded piece of s**t.
    You can get nothing right, it's too hard for you.
    There you go once again, scared to say a word.
    Speak up in your defense, come on, I'll wait for you!
    Shut your mouth you idiot, I told you not to talk back!
    What's the matter with you? Be a man! Men don't cry like this!
    I can't believe you're my son, the offspring I created with your dear mother.

    You're drunk.
    You can't think.
    Think straight, at least.
    I only ever wanted you.
    I want you to be proud.
    Proud of the only son you have.
    Not the son that you have always wanted.
    I'm sorry that that's all I've always wished for.
    Not to be a football, basketball, or a hockey star.
    I'm always the best of my class, to make you proud.
    Guitar and piano lessons, I sing for you too, all for you.
    I only wanted acceptance for being who I am, always will be.
    But I don't know who I'm talking to, you, or all of that alcohol.