• What is the color of your heart?
    Mabey blue,becasue of the sorrow in your soul
    Mabey pink,because of the joy in the atmosphere
    Or is it red,because of the flames of hell burning your flesh
    Or mabey green,because you just feel so natural and plain

    Would it be orange,because of the sunny feeling you get when you see your loved one smile
    Would it be yellow,because you feel lightning fast
    Think about it being brown,because your face is being pounded into the mud
    Think about it being purple,because you feel so guilty and so ashamed

    But what is the color of my heart?
    Well there is no specific color
    Why not?I will tell you:

    My HeArT iS jUsT oNe BiG rAiNbOw
    I'vE fElT eVeRy EmOtIoN yOu CoUlD hAvE eVeR iMaGiNeD
    So WhAt Is ThE cOlOr Of My HeArT?

    wHy...My HeArT iS tHe CoLoR oF tHe RaInBoW
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