• His eyes are softer then yours
    He doesn't treat me like crap.

    He cares about me a lot
    Unlike you, you stupid Brat!

    He never called me names
    or threatened to break my arm.

    He's so nice and sweet
    And i feel safe, instead of tense, in his arms.


    But, for some reason
    i still like you.

    We both had our moments
    Like kissed behind the school.
    and Jokes about skipping to his house.

    We had a lot in common.
    Music, movies, books.

    Heck, you loaned me a book!
    And i liked it a lot.

    We never paused to speak
    I felt like I could do anything.

    With him, we never talk.
    But I'm having mixed feelings
    about the way I think about him.

    Maybe i should just end it all
    before i rip his heart apart