• The fire over comes me, Darkness hits me hard.

    My breath starts to falter, I can't see the light.

    Everythings so dark, Will he save me?

    I cry myself to sleep, He wont really care.

    He looks at me with pitty, I know it's just an act now.

    He just turns his head, Slowly walks away.

    He tears me apart, There a blade stuck in my heart.

    I don't know what to do, There is a gun in my tear soaked lap.

    I look down at it, my shaking hand grasped it.

    I know now what to do, Another tear drop to my lap.

    I laugh to myself, I smile to myself.

    I look to the shadows around me, I whisper good-bye.

    I slowly raise it up, Point it to my head.

    My finger slowly tightens, the trigger cold as death.

    I finally get the nerves, I jerk the trigger back.


    My last thoughts were, It's all because of him.