• Upon a lonely spire,
    I leave my own desires,
    To spred these crismon wings of hope,
    Once bound with teathered rope,

    Beyond the walls of heaven's safe keep,
    I stand here alone whilst I weep,
    For the sight I see,
    That should not be,
    The destruction they seek,

    A man zelous in his quest,
    Another unwanted guest,
    Despite hope and love flowing through my heart,
    It was still pierced with sorrows dart,

    I whiped my blurry eyes for all hope was not lost,
    And returned to the ground I love the most,
    And made my way towards my fate no matter what the cost,

    The man at least,
    Was not a beast,
    As i past through his troops to him east,
    His men a pack of wolves with their feast,

    Upon standing before the man,
    His amazing gaze,
    Were a haze,
    And my heart leapt and ran,

    He pulled off his heavy helmet,
    And revealed skin soft as velvet,
    His eyes pure azure,
    Which I had to adore,
    My heart own hearts cure,

    His long golden hair blew in the wind,
    My swollen heart did sing,
    His elegant hand reached out and pulled me to his waist,
    And I clossed my eyes in disgrace of the village laid in waste,

    All seemed well,
    But only I could tell,
    Though the old part of my heart,
    Was crumbling like a teart,

    One part would not give into the other,
    Which made my heart all a bother,
    For once in my life acknowledged you see,
    Filled me up with glee,

    Alas this poem has no happy end,
    Her heart to fragile for her to tend,
    And drew the man's sword,
    My heart now thawed,

    The man he stared and stepped back in fear,
    My heart aflutter I could hear,
    The sword it pierced,
    Looking at the troops so fierce,

    My body it failed,
    Hit with lifes pail,
    And down I fell,
    The darkness hell,

    The poem a tale of sorrow,
    Never living for another tomorow,
    Hope once lost,
    Once again found it's host.