• ~~~~~~the key to my heart~~~~~~
    ~~~~ I thought of something inside this mind of mine if who could have the key to open~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~my cold heart to warm it up to fill some of the missing pieces in my heart~~~~~~
    ~~~~~to fix the puzzles tht i feel inside then i was thinking of you in front of my paint brush~~~
    ~~and paper i wanted to paint but....what could i paint? I thought if i could paint my~~~~~~
    ~~~~~dreams "my dreams" i said "what's my dream?" then i remembered ive always~~~~~~
    ~~wanted too see you smile and too find that person who holds the key,the key to my heart~~
    ~~~so i started to paint i painted my dreams the picture of your smile then i saw you~~~~
    ~~coming and said "hi" i said "hey" you looked at my painting and smiled and i asked~~~~~
    ~~~~ "do you like it?" you leaned towards me and whispered~~~~
    ~~~"everything you make is wonderful" and after you said that we glanced at each other~~~~~~
    ~~and then you opened your hand and said "see" i gently looked at it and saw a key~~~~
    ~~and it was the key the key to my heart ~~~

    ~~~ you were the one who opened my heart you were the key the key to my heart~~~