• the sky blackens
    the field is dry, scarred,broken
    a lone box of gold sits in the field
    from the open lid pours fear,death,chaos
    the ground shakes
    the earth cracks
    the thatched roofs of the villages break
    the darkness spreads its arms around us
    as fear takes the land
    the hills,the plains,the city's
    scoured with the demons
    destroying hope
    making angels weep and maids run
    no-one stands
    but we raise our fists
    farmers, bartenders, we stand
    we stand before death
    we take arms
    some shall die but
    we stand before all that others fall before
    the oceans of blood
    the fields of torture
    the greedy hands of fate
    they make take from us want they want
    but they shall never have what keeps us up
    our armor is dented but our war cries still linger in the ages
    the sands of time are stained by mans blood
    but the blood of the beasts who stained it will soon take its place
    our homes
    our families
    we will stand for them
    honor is not won by cowardliness
    but by bravery
    we stand for honor
    we stand for love
    WE stand
    when others fall.............