• Bye Bye Hometown

    Cigarrete snoke fills the air
    As i stroll the dark streets with a lost quiet dispair
    The city behind me doesnt make a peep
    Im lost in a world that has no use for me
    My head to the ground and finger to the sky
    I curse the world in which I cant hold my head high
    Losing all hope that the pain will die I climb to the roof saying silent goodbyes
    Standing on the edge waving goodbye to this city that only gave me the despair in my eyes

    Death Dearest

    Hello my friend
    Have you come for me today
    Darling will you make my tears wash away
    PLease my love just give me one cold embrace
    No my dear i dont want to wait
    Thank you my comrade now please walk me to my grave

    This cold is nothing new to me
    Neither my eyes rain
    Yes Bleeding is an old friend of mine
    So is Mr.Pain
    Why thank you for a lovely spot
    Im glad I can watch this city rot
    Its a shame you have to go
    Come back and visit Death I enjoy your company so

    Stay Here

    Kiss me my Darling
    Sink your fangs into my neck
    Whisper me sweet nothings in this life and the next
    Hold me my Lover
    tell me no lies
    Smile with me for the enternitys of our souls lives
    Breathe for me Cara Mia
    keep holding my hand
    Stay with me for forever
    Our love carved in the sand
    Love me my Adam
    stay close and true
    for I could never love anyone like I love you