• Without a life
    I mean nothing
    You mean something
    Without a soul

    Your grief surrounds me
    I still my beating heart to match yours
    You lay under the grass
    Grown over the miserable years

    I lay beside you
    Under the grass
    Under the wood
    The oak we climbed as kids

    We lay there silently
    No words can speak of this
    My life is gone
    And your has been too

    Our mothers
    Our fathers
    Mean nothing
    Against the wind

    The tears cried
    Creep onto our faces
    We shed none
    For we don’t have anything

    I sit up
    You stare with cold eyes
    I take your cold hand
    You don’t notice

    I climb out
    Of my cold body
    Mother and Father
    Stand holding hands

    I stare at the ground
    The grass I buried myself under
    Just to be with you
    But you don’t know

    How I loved you
    You don’t care
    That I died
    Just for you