• I'm in a room
    A dark, wet, cold room
    Bars on the windows

    No visiters alond
    Not alond to speak...
    Speak my mind

    But somehow you
    You came along
    And made me happy

    You let me talk, laugh
    And even made me smile
    Of all the things you made me smile

    But then you had to leave
    Somehow you promised me
    Promised me that you would come back

    And I waited...
    Waited for the longest time of my life
    But what suprised me the most is that you came back

    You came back and made me laugh
    Even though I was in a prison
    You made me smile and laugh

    You made me forget my troubles
    That I'm slave to my parents
    Slave that gets hit, yelled, and put in a smaller room

    But when you come
    I don't care about it
    You hold me so tight and helps me fixs my wounds

    Then something has happened
    You didn't come back the next day
    The room got darker, wetter, and colder

    A week latter I was back to normal
    The only difference is that I have memories and a broken heart
    Then I heard a knock on the door

    When it opened it was you
    You with my favorite smile and eyes
    You waved your hand for me to follow

    I hesrated at the door not sure
    But you grabed my hands
    I looked in his eyes and I knew it was okay

    I followed and when we got outside
    I was blinded but you where there
    You made me feel reborn, happy

    I love you and thats all thats matters
    And you made me happy....
    Also I know you love me