• My heart begins to fly
    My heart begins to beat so fast, it's about to burst out of my body
    A surge of funny feelings race through me suddenly, like an electric current in a wire, when i see you
    All my thoughts are directed toward you and nothing else is on my mind
    Feel like i'll never get this strange sensation out of my heart
    The sensation that never seems to end, nor do i want it to
    Constantly i'll listen to a song that to relates to my feelings
    I look back at you, whenever we part, to see if you look back at me
    Wish you liked me back
    Want to desperately be with you
    Want to know if you like me the same way I do
    I repeatedly deny the painful truth
    My heart fights a bloody war with my mind
    Do i like you or not?
    I feel insane, i just know it
    But, really I'm just crushing on someone