• How Come Your Stories Are Always Different From Each Other?
    How Come Things Can't Go Smoother?
    How Come It's Good Then Bad The Next
    How Come This Friendship Is So Complex?

    Why Is That So Much Can Change In Just A Short Amount Of Time
    I Thought That We Just Climbed
    But Then We Started To Fall
    Fall Through The Wall

    Here We Are Lying On The Floor
    Here We Are In War
    Broken Up Inside
    What To Decide

    How Can We Go On
    When Everything's Gone
    Everything We Worked So Hard For
    They All Left Through The Door

    Wondering What Went Wrong
    We Were So Strong
    Now We're Just Falling Apart
    Falling Tears And Broken Hearts

    Trying To Make Things Right
    Things Disappearing From Sight
    Those Special Moments Disappeared
    Having This Day Feared

    Trying To Hold Onto What's Still Here
    Only Seeing Tears
    What Happened To It All?
    We Used To Stand So Tall

    What Happened To Us?
    What Happened To Happiness?
    But This Is Above It All, Above...
    What Happened To Our Friendship, our Love?