• Everyone wants it, everyone needs it,
    It journeys far and wide
    It can spark with a bolt and go with a flash
    Yet its reliable as the night tide

    It has a network so improbably vast
    Junctures and functions and puzzles galore
    It grows stronger with you by my side
    Yet often leaves me asking for more

    And when transponder frequencies fail
    Part wants to run but is caught by the tail

    It heaves and it sighs and lets out all its tears
    From the hurt and the sorrow of meaningless years

    It deepens inside to a radical depression
    It wants to be free with the ease of confession

    So much to tell you so little time
    It begins to speak with a hint and a rhyme

    Its laid in its coarse, now its set in stone,
    It knows now what it must do
    Its found a home, a nice cozy spot
    And has focused its vision on you