• You roll in your sleep
    The nightmares return
    So many souls you reap
    Of your past lives you learn

    You dream of battle
    The spoils of war
    Where armor rattles
    Where the crows soar

    You draw your blade
    Steady your hand
    Think of a glade
    Of some peaceful land

    But you know it's fake
    Forget all the rest
    Another life to take
    The thing you detest

    The light will fade
    From their eyes
    Their death you bade
    Everyone must die

    You open your eyes
    The dream breaks
    Tell yourself it's lies
    And the memories fake

    As the day goes on,
    As the sun shines
    The darkness is gone
    Life seems fine

    But as darkness falls
    You return to sleep
    You remember the calls
    Of the souls you reap