• I took you home that day, never knowing
    What might become of you. What might become of me.
    Oh little one, you lie there so innocently.
    Your eyes are closed and yet I know you do not sleep.
    You're waiting for me just as sly as can be, just waiting.
    You know I'll mess up. You know I'll give in.
    I take out a knife to be rid of you, but I can't.
    I need you just as much as you need me.
    Your tiny arms thrust out towards me. Reaching up for me.
    I bring you close to my lips for just one tender display of affection.
    You slip down my throat. I gasp. I gag. I resent you and my action.
    But now I know the deed is done. I can never live without you.
    You are naught but a seed that has buried itself in my being.
    An embryo in its shell, waiting patiently to break out.
    You know the walls of my womb as well as you know what you are to do.
    To murder who I am. To take over my sanity. To break me.
    You are not who I think you are. You are my own personal curse.
    You have cursed me to allow the tepid stream
    Roll over my naked body as I bang my head against the wall
    Dreaming of silly poetic rhymes to remind myself why I hate you.
    To why I might even hate me. I'll never know.
    I lay my head down upon my bed to sleep, to rid myself of you.
    Peaceful sleep will avoid me, but sleep? Oh yes. It will come.
    Darker than the black holes of space, and dreams laced with terror.
    Oh how they come. My mother is dead. She's dead. Eyes open.
    Strewn across the floor. Blood over the walls. Like in a horror film. Dead.
    I'm a failure. Grades come back. My parents hate me. It's my fault.
    I don't do anything right. I'm a horrible person. I deserve to die.
    My love hates me. The one I love the most. The one I can't lose.
    If I lost him I would die... and he can't stand the sight of me.
    I twist and writhe in my bed as you cackle with delight.
    I wake up in a cold sweat just as last night. I lay back down and try to sleep.
    You allow me no such thing. My eyes stay open, glimmering in the dark.
    Oh sweet rest, how it evades me. Why must you bribe it like you do?
    My thoughts are a chaotic mess. I don't know up from down, left from right.
    You've taken who I was and transformed me into some monster.
    Tomorrow you'll do it all over again because the cycle will never end.
    I need you just as much as you need me.
    You're dead. I'm dead.
    I'm dead. You're dead.
    You are my child.
    Spawn of satan.

    That is... until you've moved on.
    Bang bang. I'm gone.