• My world was always colorful
    thinking my life was perfect
    a perfect family smiling, laughing
    and happy.

    Then on day it came crashing down.
    It was like a tall skyscaper crashing down
    to the ground. Tears run down my cheeks.
    It hurts, and it's painful.

    All of those smiles and laughter
    became fake. Trying so hard to smile,
    holding in the tears inside me.

    Now my world is completely pitch black
    and no one is there. No light to lead me the way,
    no colors to see. I'm alone...
    in this dark world.

    Where'd everybody go?
    Still I'm crying, but no more. I'll
    get on my feet, color my world, I'll lead the
    way, and I'll smile all the way 'till my world
    is color again.