• This thought just keeps rushing to my mind.
    Now all I see are our hands, fingers intertwined.
    I miss you. The heat from your body keeping me warm.
    Now I realize, that look you had in your eyes.
    Was only for me. Guess I am still a little mystified.
    I still miss you. The way your skin felt on mine.
    Holding me, caressing me in the ways no one else ever has.
    I want to say I love you. The words on my lips.
    I feel them trickling out, but of course I never really tell you
    Your fingers on my hips. Your strong, almost loving grip.
    I whisper your name as you walk away.
    But you don't hear me, you have so much on your mind.
    I start to leave. You say goodbye, Giving me that look
    God damn! I can't believe I’ve been hooked.
    By a man so amazing, you can't help but smile
    When all he does is look at you.
    That’s all you do today
    Look at me, smile, and wave.
    No hug, no kiss, no long goodbye.
    Maybe I read the wrong message
    Maybe I’m just too confused
    Do you like me? Am I as important to you as I seem?
    Or am I just dreaming. That the looks you have been giving me
    Really mean what I think they mean
    I hate love. I hate you
    But I don't. I hate myself…for falling in love with you
    Stupid Love. Stupid Me
    Stupid You. Perfect You
    Perfect Smile. Perfect touch
    Everything is perfect. Except the fact that I'm not sure
    That you even give half a damn as much about me as I do you