• I watch you from afar
    You seem to glow like a star.
    I've loved you for so long
    Yet I feel as though it's so wrong.
    Why do I feel this way?
    It's like this every day.
    I see you
    But you don't have a clue.
    I feel my heart pound,
    Towards you I wish to bound.
    But I can not,
    I almost forgot
    The one you love is not me
    That I can clearly see.
    Though I still ask why
    And as I sit here and begin to cry
    I could never tell you
    Yes it's true
    I was afraid.
    All the years we played
    Would crumble
    And our friendship would tumble.
    Clouded my eyes may be
    But you would hate me.
    But I'll always love you
    And I know you will never love me too.