• Who is He?
    Is He a man?
    Is He an animal?
    Or perhaps a God?
    Is He actually something?
    Or is He simply nothing at all?
    Perhaps a Monster sent here to suffer for crimes past?
    Is He here to play Judge?
    Perhaps Jury?
    Or maybe The Executioner?
    If anything all Three.
    He is the Child who has lost His way.
    Wandered off in the forest looking for Adventure and Daring.
    But found only Despair and Hate.
    He is the Shepard looking for his flock, which have been taken by the proverbial Wolf.
    He is the Man behind the Curtain.
    He is Dorthy looking to go home.
    Tin Man looking for a heart.
    The Lion looking for courage.
    And the Scarecrow looking for a brain.
    He is Alice tumbling down the Rabbit hole.
    He is the Cheshire Cat losing His mind at the sight of more a** Hattery then the Mad hatter could conduct in a life time.
    And He is the Rabbit who can never be on time, always late missing his chance and ******** things up.
    He is nothing and something in the same breath.

    He is Everything without a name.