• Because Somehow I Forgot to Say...
    Somehow, I forgot to tell you
    just what you wanted to hear.
    I forgot the words to say
    that would keep you here.
    I sat in silence, waiting,
    for you to make the choice.
    I could have changed your mind
    if I hadn't forgotten my voice.

    I forgot to say that I love you,
    that I wish that you wouldn't go.
    Somehow, I managed not to say
    the things you needed to know.
    I watched you walk away again,
    and in that moment, I see,
    that I just didn't want to say
    what I knew would keep you with me.

    Because you see, friend, though I love you
    more than you will ever know.
    You've broken my heart again and again,
    and now it's time for you to go.
    You left me once, you left me twice,
    you left a thousand times.
    I took you back, I loved you more,
    but, this time, you crossed the line.

    I closed the door in your face,
    only then did you realize
    what had come of your foolish ways
    and all the blinding lies.
    Your screams echoed off the walls,
    and I just cried inside,
    as I forced myself not to say
    what I knew I needed to hide.