• Everyone lies, denies, but do they tell the truth?
    Lies lead to denies, and denies lead to more lies,
    So either way if you lie or deny, it comes out bad
    in the end.Many people look for luck to cover up
    there lies,but it's the fortune you have to look for.
    Fortune is what gives you the courage to wake
    up every morning and look at the beautiful sun
    and say today is the start of something new.
    Fortune is what gives you the strength to tell
    the truth, and it helps you find your own way
    of luck in the world,so that you don have to
    search on your own, lie, trespass and deny.
    It helps you, it guards you, it is the truth.
    it is the key to wisdom and beyond. the
    great beyond. Not the false lies that you
    hear from the government,friends and people.
    wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink - Brittany<33