• Tears

    A girl wanders through the wood,
    As tears stream down her face,
    Because news is never good,
    Smashing reality like a mace.

    Rain pelts down upon her,
    Blurring her failing vision.
    While bringing the scent of fir,
    With the await of a collision.

    They crash together,
    Sky and earth.
    The destructive weather,
    For all it's worth.

    But the tears still fall,
    With the coming of night.
    As the darkness calls,
    Erasing the light.

    Moonlight shines upon the tear,
    As it plops onto the ground.
    Then the quiet little deer,
    Flees from the deafening sound.

    That sparkling little tear,
    Whispers an answer while it dies.
    If you listen you will hear,
    The answer to why we cry.

    When you listen you will hear,
    That not everything is bad,
    This is the reason for tears,
    Because the innocent are sad.