• When dreams be making,
    I would not know this,
    But battles are hardly won,
    Because I'm always the one who has to miss,
    This struggles I'm going,
    I can't seem to hold it but,
    The tears always seem to dry,
    On other people's faces in hardly any time,
    It's so hard to make it,
    And so hard to fake it,
    I wonder if it's just me or,
    Can it just be that hard to see that,
    These, embers of you,
    Washing away in an empty hue.

    So tell me,
    Where is the girl with the smiling face,
    Who can't seem to find her way?
    And where is the holding memories,
    I just can't seem to face it today.
    I didn't know how much I'd miss you,
    So I'm screaming your name to the sky,
    For all the love I felt for you,
    I'm missing you tonight.

    For all the days I see,
    Your face right next to me,
    You laugh, your smile, your tears,
    I thought these would last for years,
    But like the sunset,
    You faded straight through,
    Now nothing is left,
    But the empty echoes of my memories to you.

    So tell me,
    Why is everything breaking apart?
    Holding hands won't hold on strong.
    Words are nothing but faded air,
    Like a well known song,
    More and more of you slipping away,
    So I'm screaming my heart to the stars,
    Why is it I can see your home, but
    I can't reach it something that is just too far?

    Oh, why is it so unfair?
    I'm here and your there?
    I can't hear your voice or see your face?
    I'm losing this faith I call grace.

    So tell me,
    Will someday I'll be there with you?
    And you can make it right?
    Can you hold me like we were young again,
    Can I see your face tonight?
    I'm missing you like a tragic ending,
    Needing in that sad love song
    I'm screaming my everything to heaven,
    Cause with out you I don't know where to belong.