• The dim gems in the sky
    has put the kids to sleep tonight
    her eyes look eager at this oppurtunity
    scampers to the washroom "be out in a minute, honey!"
    my mind starts to race, my hands can't stop moving
    whispering "What is that lady doing?"

    Then comes the sound of a door openiung
    My eyes are closed, trying not to be hoping
    to see my lover in a way so dreamy
    exposed, yearning, and oh so kinky heart
    I hear her voice, seductive and attracting
    "You could open your eyes now Honey!"

    The red lacings of her silky smooth gown
    seem to gently trace her body up and down
    her skin, smooth and soft, my mind is reeling!
    and my whole body desires for its feeling!
    Her face beautiful for me, and hypnotic
    her desirous eyes enchanting me, how erotic!

    She preys closer, making Me back up
    laying on our bed, she demands the top
    with a smile miced with love and desire
    I could feel a piece of myself rise higher and higher
    slowly, and cruelly, she undresses me slowly
    Then we lose ourselves in the seas of intamacy