• Quiana, my lover, my partner, my friend
    the one who i love til the very end,
    the sunshine of my day, the star of my night,
    she's no pilot, but she made my heart take flight
    she understands and loves me the best
    with no hesitations do i pick her over the rest
    she gives me her love, and supplies my every need
    She does it through love, not lust or greed
    Shes my high school sweetheart, my future wife
    Shes a big sister to my sister, a lover to her brother
    for in either life, there shall be no other
    someone sent from above, the answer to my prayers
    someone in this world who i kno truly cares,
    the maker of my fantasies, the vision in my dreams
    I thank God its not fake or isnt what it seems
    I love her with everything love stands for
    if she were a bird, she'd be a dove
    for she is the very symbol of peace and love