• Forever In a Fantasy

    One day he will see me, for who I truly am,
    Not the princess of legends,
    But the ugly witch of the land,
    When that day comes I will blow out my life’s eternal flame,
    That will be the day when my body and soul will be trapped away in the tower,
    Where I will be the only person to blame.

    In that tower of sorrow's no one will hear me scream,
    No one will hear me cry,
    I will be the only person there singing the song I thought was a lullaby,
    If I had to choice I would right it in the scriptures so that day never comes,
    I would have it so the truth of my past drifted far away,
    I just couldn’t bear it,
    If he saw my true face,
    If he never finds out than I could remain in his kingdom,
    And forever be filled with love and grace,
    But this is not the place where I should call home,
    My place is in a dungeon or someplace deserted from the world and HIM,
    That is were my never ending bliss sees me.

    Even though in my dreams I am in the castle ready to where the crown,
    In my dreams I am forever in glee,
    Forever with HIM.

    Forever in a dungeon in reality,
    Forever with myself,
    No longer with him,
    I open my eyes and I am FOREVER with ME,
    Hoping I can go back to the world were I can be in a dream,
    With the crown and not with myself and me.