• Oh shoot
    How am I going to keep my feelings within this mask
    You're probably going to make me look like somebody that you'd ask
    Did you escape from Arkham? .. Just watch your back
    Cause I can make you know the things you lack

    And trust me, then you'll regret everything that you did
    When you were treatin me like a little kid
    Woah, It's not like I never liked you.
    I just really don't like you now.

    Remember, I would run after you
    And tell you "Sorry, I didn' mean to sound so rude"
    And everything'd be fine,
    And we'd go do something like we do
    .. Which is retarded

    Whoops forgot to use past tense for that verse
    Cause things sure are tense around us now
    My friends drag me away whenever you come in sight
    Hoping one of us won't pick a fight
    And you'll holler loser at me

    I'll roll my eyes
    Shake my arms loose
    Turn and talk to my real friends
    (which is anyone but you)
    Cause you are pretty much nothin more than a jerk

    Which reminds me
    That you're comin for dinner thursday night
    And then we'll most likely
    Get in the hugest fight

    And will it be my
    Well.. It'll depend on who you talk to