• i'm here to look at the miracle of the living
    when i saw you sitting

    are you the one?
    that i won?

    you gave me love
    and take away the love

    what do you see
    another side of me?

    if you kiss me i'll disappear
    but when you avoid me i will reappear

    what is happening to me?
    i'll soon understand and see

    i looked at the heavens and the sky
    and imagined that i could fly

    but then a virus entered to me
    i don't know the cure but we'll soon see..

    i didn't lost hope,
    you were climbing using the rope

    you will do all to see me
    i was waiting for you near the sea

    the sun is almost down
    maybe i will drown

    no, i must not,
    i must not rot

    but it's too late
    i lost my faith...