• i wish i had reasons
    and i wish i could cry
    sometimes, i fail to see sense
    but i never ask why
    i think it would be easier
    if you lie in my forgotten arms
    i can see how you tease her
    but not release me from your charms
    at times, i seem so stupid
    i hope for things i’ll never have
    i feel i should be livid
    for letting the little girl in me down
    my hands are shaking
    as i write these words again
    i feel like i should dig deeper
    or i should just drop my pen
    i don’t know if you’re happy
    you might be the saddest person alive
    but i’ve run out of words to say
    and so i’ll die some other day
    i’ll see you tomorrow
    and the next day and the next
    but my heart will stop beating
    and maybe it’s for the best
    would you say
    goodbye to me please?
    i’d like to hold your hand
    maybe my life will never cease
    i think i’ve rambled on enough
    and you didn’t notice a thing
    i’ll say goodbye to you now
    i’ll enjoy the freedom it brings.