• What am I afread of?
    What is it that I fear?
    What is it that makes my insides shiver,
    Everytime that he comes near?
    Why can't I understand?
    Why can't I see?
    Who is he looking at?
    Can it really bee me?
    Someone like me who can't be loved?
    How can this bee?
    When he looks at me.
    It's only him I see.
    When he talks,
    It's then I can't breath.
    Why can't I figure this out?
    What is it I can't see?
    I am confused now.
    Is it her or me?
    You act as though you love her,
    But yet she says it's all for show.
    I can't take any more.
    I realy want to know.
    I know what it is.
    I know what I fear.
    I can't believe that I was so blind.
    The answers very clear.
    I know that it was for show.
    I wonder if it's still show now.
    I know what I need to do and say.
    The question now is how.
    Oh I long for the day.
    When you lips are presed agenst mine.
    I'm making my move and ready for you.
    To come and make me shine.
    I guse what I'm trying to say.
    In the most unreal way I can.
    Is that I love you.
    And I wish you were my man.