• That unforgettable day,
    When she wasn't treated the same,
    She left school that evening,
    Depressed as can be.

    On her way home,
    Those people clouding up her mind,
    Someone came up and snatched her,
    She doesn't care,
    She feels it's just fine.

    He threw her in his car,
    Telling her not to say a word,
    The laughter of her enemies,
    That was all she heard.

    They stopped at the nearest river,
    She told him to let her go,
    So he pulled her out and hit her,
    Someway, she didn't want to go home.

    She'd rather be killed than do it herself,
    Trying to get his attention,
    She got up and yelled,
    Hoping she'd end up in Hell.

    He ran toward her,
    She ran toward him.

    She pulled out her knife,
    As she ran,
    Holding it up to his neck,
    As steady as she can.

    He snatched it out of her hand,
    At that very moment,
    She turned around and ran,
    Knowing she wanted to die,
    But not so sure why.

    He chased after her,
    And suddenly,
    She stopped,
    She got the knife from him again,
    And made a cut on his left hand.

    As she looked at him,
    That strange murderer,
    She saw his eyes turn red,
    And he choked her and threw her in the river.

    Weeks went by,
    And no one realized,
    That the innocent girl that once was,
    Had been tortured to death.

    Up to this day,
    She is still,
    Forgotten. crying