• A young girl stood beyond her door. She sat down looking at the stars with so much hope. The wind blow as if it were a person standing next to her wispering in her ears. She looked at the stars again with tears rolling out of her eyes. She held her head into her hands wishing someone could be there for her. Just to hold her with their love and never want to let go. There she saw a stranger clothed in all black, but she didn't know who he was. She stood there with no movement as if the stranger was calling for her. She started walking toward him without a sound with so much hope.
    He took her wit his hand. She stood there looking into his eyes as if they were two pools of hope. He took his finger and outlined her face as if admiring a wonderful painting. He took her chin and pushed her lips to his so gently. She took her arms and wrapped it around his neck as he wrapped his around her. She didn't want it to end with his amazing stranger that she fell in love with. He gently pushed away and looked into her eyes with so much passion as if he found who he was looking for. He grabbed her again with so much loved and touched her hair so gently as if touching a flower. She closed her eyes and opened them again and he stood right infront of her. He put his face to hers and said, "I love you more then life. Your the best thing i could've asked for." She started to cry, but gently he took them away and held her so close. They stood there as the moon held up high and looking into each other's eyes. "I'll never let go!" She said holding on with all her strength. He held her so tight and looked at the moon and stars. "And i'll never never let you" He said with love in his voice