• I hav not rlly felt this way befor,
    and i guess it ish different for a reason.
    He makes meh happy alot more,
    i ish not used to this type of season.

    I'm not used to this feeling,
    always getting butterflies in meh tummy.
    Does he even know it ish meh heart he's stealing?
    This is such a funny feeling!

    I guess it ish luv,
    when ever i think about meh amour.
    he ish meh angel from above,
    he ish teh one i adore!!!! heart

    When ever i am too far away,
    i miss him too much.
    This ish a feeling i cannot say,
    he ish meh crutch.

    He calls meh his cute angel,
    and i call him meh hot savior,
    when i see him i get as stiff as old gel,
    everday i love him more and more.

    he ish teh hot lion,
    i ish teh cute kitten,
    this best not be a con,
    he make my heaart warm as a wool mitten!

    *sigh i luv him* heart

    heart heart heart heart