• You can't pull the wool over my eyes
    I just won't allow it anymore
    So try to feed me all your lies
    I need a reason to lay you on the floor
    The way you've got them all deluded
    It's funny in a sick sort of way
    But don't think that you're excluded
    Just because you know how to play
    One day you'll get caught off guard
    And I won't waste my time with chatter
    I'll leave you bloodied and scarred
    With bruises from the bones I'll shatter
    Better revenge than in my wildest dreams
    I'll take it slow and let the pain set in
    Wipe your tears, muffle your screams
    And then just revel in my latest sin
    That's what happens when you play with fire
    You get exactly what you deserve
    And in this world where honesty is dire
    I'm the only one with enough nerve
    To tell it like it is and lay it on the line
    The things I say may come off hostile
    At least the last laugh will always be mine
    And the wait will always prove worthwhile