• the trip is so simple.
    one way tickets to everywhere and back.

    an acid that doesn't burn me,
    so colorless, so odorless, yet faintly bitter.
    my tongue swells at the taste, salivating.
    my nasal cavity flares like mother's bell bottoms.

    let the hallucination begin!

    wild blue dogs run,
    tamed teal tigers in the sun,
    goldenrod claws scraped the floors,
    and a magenta dream pasted along the ceilings.
    with a soft silk eyelids as curtains, i started the show.

    flashbacks, flashes on my back, flash my back to the crowd.
    the crowd screams, shouts, howls, pounds, vomits.

    i fell into a pink cloud with my mouth wide open,
    a gasp of smoke and my lungs hugged the feeling.
    my eyes rolled, rolled, rolled like a steamroller,
    onto my skull as i was flattened into the ground.
    a halo around my head or only around my reflection,
    vacant eye sockets dripped onto the paisley carpeting.

    oh london, when will you find your cure?