• I'm frightend at night and the wind has a roar
    It seeps through the hall and from under the door
    Like the s**t that was said
    Ican't take it that well
    I gave and I gave and I gave and I'm still
    Lost and hurt bone thin from the love thats been starved
    I know it got close but I'm sure its too far
    From the point of suspence we know it should be
    The end of that part in our favorate movie
    When the guy grabs the girl and gives her his hand
    Says take me away from this torturous land
    Cause the grave is set up, the hole that I dug
    I gave and I gave and I gave you my trust
    Like the time that we kissed and you gave me a lie
    To add to the scene you pretended to cry
    But im here and im cool, the way that it is
    Just give me a chance and ill try to forgive
    Ive had it with the rain of the tears
    The predictable storm the comes every year
    It sneakes in from shore with a bat in its hand
    I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I can't
    Your a theaf your a witch but I love you to death
    You steal my heart and curse under your breath
    But the one thing I can most willingly prove
    That when you are gone I'll be fine without you

    by, Toby Bruckner