• Would you assist me now that you know?
    Would you care that what we thought was real wasn't really so?

    I was naive like everyone else about the world, and it's true meaning.
    I was ignorant to what it had long since been screaming.
    Why didn't I answer it's pleas?
    I let despair fall, and while it grew it reached me, and now I'm it's victim
    as you were at the hands of me.

    They caught me late at night, an innocent girl with noting to do but watch and wait for my fate to unravel.
    They took me to where my fears of the world had first orginated.
    Undressed now I bent to their animosity and they overpowered me with such haste.
    Alone I waited for my savior that was sure to come.

    Never did foosteps hit the pavement to provide a helping hand and reassurance for my well-being.
    Never was mercy uttered while they reached their contempment .
    Never would I wait again for what was never going to present itself.

    Never will salvation make an appearance in a wasteland of abbhorance.