• When the ground breaks up
    and the holes within it are dark and empty
    the skies will fall through
    and the light shall freeze
    like liquid nitrogen to the core of the earth
    this is when I will transform
    into the true melancholy beast I deserve to be
    but in the current state of the loss of childhood innocence
    I will evolve
    into the hero you deserve from me
    no more useless self mutilation
    or the inability to perceive thoughts other than my own
    the gateway to my soul is open
    and I will bare against it closing
    until your world falls
    and I am forced to throw my existence to the wind
    when social circles collapse
    and an empty glass can be seen half empty
    I will give everything to save you from oblivion
    because its what they want from me
    and I trust them to lead me
    to a pursuit of the things that matter most.